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Frequently Asked Questions

The clinic offers rather unique opportunities and advantages. There are few situations where Christian lawyers, law students and paralegals can simultaneously perform vital and satisfying assistance and also receive such rich professional fulfillment and spiritual and other blessings in five separate areas such as:

  1. Responding to one of the clearest calls of God, that is, serving Him (pro Deo) and
    those in need;
  2. Effectively using your combined legal and spiritual skills and gifts;
  3. Achieving new levels of broader legal practice, experience and ministry;
  4. Having new opportunities for mentoring and fellowship with others in the
    Christian legal community, and for spiritual growth;
Why Should I Become Involved When I Am Already Volunteering Pro Bono Time in
Connection with My Bar Association or Legal Aid Clinics?

Because there are usually greater opportunities to use your gifts and skills to serve the needy.

What Is Involved?

Interviewing or assisting in interviewing and giving routine legal and biblical advice to those willing to receive it and some limited assistance and the referral of some matters to others.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

No, unless you volunteer to do so.

Can I Limit the Type of Matters in Which I Will Offer Advice or Service?

Yes, although the primary need is for persons who are willing to advise or assist in advising and serving in most types of civil and/or quasi criminal matters.

Am I Qualified to Serve If My Practice or Experience Is Limited to Certain Types of
Matters or If I Have No Experience in Biblical Counseling?

Yes, especially if you are willing to take a few hours of available training.

What Help Can I Expect to Receive in Preparing for or Giving Advice and Assistance?

– Back up lawyers or consultants to help you advise on specific types of problems and their solutions.
– A list of referral sources to which persons seeking help can be referred for further assistance.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Whatever you are willing to contribute.

Can I Count on Not Getting Enmeshed in a Very Time Intensive Type of Matter?

Yes. Volunteer time limits will be strictly observed.